ESKAPE is a system for securing intervention sites on public roads (patrol boats, convenience stores, construction, public works, law enforcement, etc.). It is a safety kit consisting of 5 radio beacons, a radio receiver case and its tripod with flashing light and siren.

The radio beacons are pinched into the safety cones that are installed upstream of the avoidance area. These beacons have a range of 1.5Km.
As soon as the cone is pushed by a vehicle, a signal is instantly transmitted to the suitcase, which will activate the flashing light and siren, allowing personnel on the scene to dodge the danger in time.

Sending the alert on a smartphone or to a connected clothing (vibrator).
By 2020, integration of the V2X protocol on the beacons that would make them visible to vehicles equipped with wifi or 5G modules communicating with infrastructures.