Features :


  •  SMS/GSM/LTE communication
  •  Roaming setup
  •  Tracking (time intervals, distance or intelligent mode (heading management)
  •  Geo-fencing report (circular)
  •  10 possibilities of customised event reporting
  •  « Over the air » settings
  • Firmware upgrade "over the air" via FTP server.
  • IP 67 (waterproof Micro USB connector)
  • Cell ID tracking
  • Anti-drop alarms
  • Low battery alert
  • Motion detection alert
  • Adjustable cyclic alarm clock (standby management)
  • Over one and a half years of autonomy
  • T7 compatible protocol



NSTT10 says TT10 !


Here is a geolocation beacon that stands out from its little friends !


Nomadic Solutions is known for the robustness of its range of products.


Extensive testing before the commercial launch, the assurance of upward compatibility of firmware, the easy integration on platforms and thegreat stability of the beacons have always been the credo of our company, which has marketed over 140,000 beacons to date.


The NSTT10 called TT10 is a waterproof (IP67) autonomous  geolocation beacon with high level characteristics.


With its built in 4G modem that allows it to communicate via GPRS (UDP/TCP) 4G, 2G, SMS, LTEM.


It has a 18 months autonomy (for one position per day), a large possibility for standby strategies and alarm triggering. So, it can be usefull for wide kinds of uses, particularly in logistics. A built in accelerometer can detect any movment (Pallet movement or opening of a container door for example).


Geolocation is provided by a GNSS module with two GPS/Glonass constellations.


Lighter than our previous TT7, this beacon also has powerful magnets that make it possible to do without rilsan links, as long as it is placed on a ferrous support. The casing has a switch that detects the removal of its support and triggers an alarm.


A waterproof micro-USB socket allows battery charging and tabletop communication. (The firmware is upgradeable over the air).


A barcode allows easy management of "object/beacon" associations.


As an option, a Bluetooth 4 low energy module offers the possibility to manage an inventory of objects carrying a BT4le tags and to warn the platform of any movement of its objects. If equipped with a temperature sensor, it is possible to trigger alerts on exceeding the threshold.


The TT10 has the same open syntax as the TT7, several thousand of which have been in use in Africa for several years in difficult climatic conditions.


For servers that recognise the TT7, it is plug & play, with the exception of Buetooth commands, if this option is present.


Once again, Nomadic Solutions offers an extremely high quality piece of hardware that has a robustness that is second to none.


TT7 beacon is a compact IP67 waterproof telematic beacon that can be installed simply by magnetization on metal surfaces.

Its GPS/Glonass modules and its latest generation modem give it precise geolocation and extremely low standby power consumption.


TT7 is a good choice for all tracking applications where there is no power source and hard conditions.


  •    Transmission in SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP mode
  •     Alert in case of pull-out
  •     Alert in case of movement
  •     Preferred roaming choice
  •     Low battery alert
  •     Several standby strategies
  •     Tracking on voice call
  •     Quick and easy installation (magnets)

Autonomy up to 1 year (1 position sent per day) for the standard version

Autonomy up to 2 years for the double autonomy version.