Displays, Antennas, DashCam, Voltage regulator, Passive RFID reader, Fuel sensor, cables, microphone... Nomadic Solutions sells many add-ons very usefull for its customers' needs.

Fuel Sensor

 Fuel sensor system to be installed in the vehicle tank (trucks)

  • Analog input NS10 compatible (until 700mm)
  • RS232 serial link - NS210 compatible

- Different sizes available: 700mm / 1000mm / 1500mmm


Nomadic markets a range of Windows CE or Android displays that connect to the RS232 of the NS210 or all other beacon which have this kind of interface.

Please contact us to find the right model for your developments.

RFID Readers

Nomadic Solutions markets a range of RFID readers with RS-232, MSR ABA TK2 output to allow identification by passive MIFARE®/FeliCa or other tags.


Nomadic Solutions sells a range of Hirschmann antennas compatible with its beacons


Combined antennas:

  • Combined LP antenna (Low Profile) GPS/GSM 900/1800/1900 indoor mounting, with adhesive.Thickness 1.5cm, 2 SMA male connectors, 3m cables
  • GPS/GSM 900/1800/1900 combined patch antenna, outdoor mounting, drillable, elliptical 100x65mm, thickness 2cm, 2 SMA male connectors, 5m cables
  • Combined roof antenna GPS/GSM 900/1800/1900, delivered with GSM and GPS cables, 5m, Fakra connectors - SMA malesdim: 9,5×5,7×6,9cm

 Monofunctional antennas:

  • Monofunctional patch antenna GSM 900/1800/1900, AMPS and UMTS, indoor mounting, SMA male connector
  • Monofunction GPS patch antenna, magnetic, SMA male connector, 5m cable

Note: Other Hirshmann antennas are available on request.

12/5V DC regulator

 12V/5V regulator for permanent power supply of 5V on-board equipment from a 12V battery. It has a mini USB plug and 2 terminals +/-; Max. current 3A max


Note: Other voltage ranges and/or amperage  values are possible on request.

OBDII Cables

Extra flat OBDII plug cable for easy connection to the OBDII plug.

Available in several sizes: 15cm, 50cm, 70cm.


High sensitivity microphone for NS210, to allow discreet listening in real-time security applications.