Geolocation for vehicles

Nomadic Solutions offers a complete range of robust beacons adapted to the management of mobile employes and vehicles fleets, for mobile security applications too !


The NS10 is one of Nomadic Solutions' bestsellers, available in 2G or 3G versions, the scope of its syntax allows it to meet a large number of needs.


This beacon is equipped with 4 outputs to control actuators (e. g. siren, buzzer, control relays, etc.). It is also possible to wire its 4 inputs to be alerted when states change (e. g. door opening/closing, etc.). Two of these inputs can be configured in "analog" mode to receive voltage level information (e. g. temperature monitoring, flow control, etc.)


The NS10 also has a 2.4GHz radio module as standard, which gives it the ability to receive commands and the ID of a tag. (Ex: Driver identification, remote control of NS10 outputs...).


The NS210 is a very complete box that offers the same basic features as the NS10.
However, it has 3 RS232 to connect all types of devices.

It is a highly appreciated product, particularly in the  transportation of values. To listen discreetly in case of problem, a microphone can be installed and plugged to the beacon.

It is possible to add a kit that multiplies the number of outputs.


The TT1 is a high-performance GPS/GSM/ beacon dedicated for trailer management.

It is designed on the basis of NS10 housings.

This model improves its characteristics for a very precise geolocation implementation.

The TT1 is therefore the best solution for "on-demand" trailer tracking.


 The NSUGO is an "all-in-one" Plug&Play beacon without installation that integrates tracking, geofencing, power alert, acceleration thresholds, etc.


It takes its power source from the vehicle's OBDII socket and has an internal battery,

NB: The NS-UGO does not report information from the CAN bus, it is certified E-Marking and ECE-R10.