Car Pooling

NS10 Car Pooling

NS10 "Pooling" consists of an NS10 box whose firmware has been modified to transmit the tag IDs* that are in the RF coverage area (+/-5 meters).

The tag, without button, emits every 30 seconds a frame that contains the voltage of its battery and its ID. This frame is received by the NS10 which transmits it to the platform that has been developed by the manager (Nomadic only selling the hardware).

Thus the "carpooler" carrying the tag is identified as soon as he gets into the car of the "carpooler" whose vehicle is equipped with the NS10 "Pooling" box.

From then on, the platform knows the time and kilometres covered by carpooling, which allows the manager to become the trusted third party and thus credit the "carpooler's" account and debit the "carpooler's" account while collecting his commission.

This system is dedicated to short distance carpooling: urban, peri-urban or home-to-work.