For each use there is a suitable EcoGyzer® solution !

EcoGyzer® Datalogger

EcoGyzer® is a complete eco-driving tracking solution without connecting to the vehicle!


The product is delivered with PC software to analyze the recordings.


EcoGyzer® allows you to:

  • Reduce its carbon impact while driving, adopt a strategy
  • Advise on ecodriving, in real time or delayed, train drivers
  • Maintain the benefits of training.


For whom? 

  • Cars, Commercials vehicles
  • All drivers!
  • Fleet managers, driving trainers.

The EcoGyzer DataLogger (Green Ring) is an embedded module, trip recorder:

  • Storage (up to 4 months of rolling data)
  • then download by USB to the PC
  • and data analysis on the EcoGyzer® software (PC version).


Minimum order quantity 300 units

EcoGyzer® GPRS

A follow-up of post-training fleets.

For employees, fleet managers or company trainers.

At the end of each  trip, a grid summarising the driver's ecodriving performance is transmitted trough GPRS to a webplatform that presents the data.

Minimum order quantity 300 pieces.

Due to GDPR: No geolocation  and a speed threshold limited to 125km/h.


These renowned Nomadic Solutions products are standard equipped with EcoGyzer® libraries that combine mobility management with ecodriving performance feedback.